Tourism Schools were founded in 1937

under the auspices of the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) based in Athens


Τhe Higher Tourism School in Rhodes was founded (ΑΣΤΕΡ).


The Tourism School in Thessaloniki was founded.

At first, the School was housed in facilities at the centre of Thessaloniki


The first formal admission of students to the Tourism School of Thessaloniki. Graduates of elementary school and six- year secondary school were eligible to apply, after taking written exams on composition


The Tourism School of Thessaloniki moved to “Zanna” villa on Themistokli Sofouli Street, where it operated until 1972.


The Tourism School of Thessaloniki moved inside the facilities of SUN BEACH hotel at Agia Triada.


Professor exchange programs were taking place mainly with famous Swiss schools

and students with honors could go to Switzerland for further training, at the Lyon School.


The construction of the "XENIA – ILIOS" hotel started

in 1978 in order to fulfill the needs of the Tourism School in Thessaloniki following the tradition of connecting the STE Schools with the operation of the hotels "Xenia".


Cooking classes have become mixed

and the first female student was admitted for the academic year 1982-1984 in the cooking class under Protocol No 2703.


The operation of the School begins at the privately owned hotel "Xenia Ilios" in Perea, Thessaloniki.


The Organization of Tourism Education and Training (OTEK) is founded as an autonomous Organization of Tourism Education and Training.


OTEK and the Secondary Schools of Education were abolished and incorporated into the Ministry of Tourism, as Directorate of Tourism Education and Training.


Thessaloniki Vocational Training Institute of Tourism renamed Makedonia Vocational Training Institute of Tourism.


The following time periods are historically recorded, with regard to education levels:

  1. Elementary education (1959-1970)
  2. Basic education (1970-1988) under the name ΒΕΣΤΕ
  3. Technical education (1988-1996) under the name ΤΕΣΤΕ
  4. Technical vocational education (1999-2014) as a Technical Vocational Training Centre (TEE) and later as a Vocational Training School (ΕΠΑΣ)
  5. Post –secondary education (2014- today) as an Institute of Vocational Training (IEK).

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