Attendance at the Institutes of Vocational Training is compulsory, it comprises of 5 semesters, signified by the completion of 4 semesters of theoretical and laboratory courses of 1200 hours for each field of study and 1 semester of curricula work placement, known as internship, of 960 hours.  The internship program can be accomplished in tourist enterprises (hotels, tourist offices, special tourist infrastructure facilities) and pastry workshops and bakeries. The students are positioned in these enterprises through the process of  nominal placement. The curriculum leads to the acquisition of a Diploma of Vocational Training. The graduates are entitled and are eligible to take part in the qualifying examinations of the National Accreditations Examinations held by EOOPEP. Once they have passed the exam, they are awarded the Diploma of Vocational Education and Training which is equivalent to a level 5 of the National Qualification Framework.

Hospitality: Receptionist – Head Housekeeper – Management Assistant Food & Beverage services

Professional outline

This specialty aims at creating highly educated executives who will operate in the fields of Tourism industry and hospitality.

The” Technician of Tourism industry and Hospitality” is a specialized employee able to manage successfully the following duties:

  • Welcoming guests at the hotel and conducting the duties of the receptionist.
  • Maintenance on the different floors and rooms.
  • Inventory management.
  • Selling and serving food and drinks in the restaurant.
  • Preparing and serving cocktails and alcoholic/ non-alcoholic beverages at the bar.

The graduates of this specialty can fill positions in all the parts of the tourism and restaurant industry, including hotels, restaurants, bars and catering services.


Tourism executive: focusing on travel agencies, tour operators, airlines

The specialty “Executive Officer in Management and Finance in the field of Tourism” aims at creating expertly trained executives who will operate in the field of Tourism and Tourist Enterprises. The executive officer of Tourism Management and Tourist Enterprises is the employee with the required knowledge, skills and qualifications who will be able to work supportively in the administration office of an enterprise/entity/organization that applies up-to-date practices in scheduling, organizing, managing and monitoring.

More specifically, the Executive Officer of Tourism Management will:

  • Help the management accomplish the goals of the tourism enterprise. He /she will support the implementation of scientific and administrative practices and methods in producing, distributing and promoting tourist services.
  • Support the financial planning and financial operations of the tourism business.
  • Help in managing human resources of the tourism enterprise.
  • He/she will know the current IT trends and implementations.

The graduates of this specialty can fill positions in all the fields of Tourism and Travel Industry, including Tourism Offices, Tourism Organizations, Tourism Businesses,  event planning organizations and transport companies.


Culinary Technician – Chef

The graduate of the specialty “Technician of Culinary Art-Chef” having acquired specialized knowledge and qualifications through his/her studies can accept the responsibility of managing a professional kitchen.  Knowing the art of cooking, pastry elements and Table Art, he /she can work in the kitchen of either a catering business or a hotel, coordinate and manage it, prepare and serve food to smaller or bigger groups of people, always in accordance with the safety food and health regulations.

The graduate of the specialty “Technician of Culinary Art-Chef” is a specialized employee who can successfully manage the following:

  • Quality control, conservation and usage of provisions.
  • Preservation of foodstuffs.
  • The preparation of quality food of any quantity.
  • Kitchen management.
  • The cutting and preparation of meat, poultry, game, fish and seafood and the correct use of each of each piece.
  • The correct planning of different menus, in accordance with the safety food and health regulations.
  • The presentation and decoration of the different dishes.
  • Pastry Art
  • The basic principles of costing
  • The promotion of Greek gastronomic identity.

 The graduates of the specialty “Technician of Culinary Art- Chef” of the Vocational Institutes of Tourism, with the specialized education and qualifications which they have gained during their studies, are able to work in catering and hotel businesses, both in the private and public sector, in accordance with their field of study. 


Bakery & Pastry Art Technician

The graduates of the specialty “ Technician of Bakery and Pastry Art”, having acquired specialized knowledge and techniques, are involved in the making of bread products, pastry products and all different kinds of baked goods, they can schedule their production in necessary quantities, in accordance with the respective food and health regulations.

Besides the conventional bread and pastry industry, which offers jobs in bakeries, pastry shops, catering companies etc, a specialized technician of Bakery and Art, is able to work in the tourism industry both in Greece and abroad. They can also be involved in Hotel and Catering businesses of any kind, both in the public and private sector, in work positions relevant to their field of studies.

The technicians of Bakery and Pastry art are either self-employed, or they are employed in small or big businesses of the catering industry or hotel- tourist sector, especially in the recently fast growing industry of bread production, as well as in large retail patisserie chains. The branch of industrial baking and pastry production, offers job opportunities to a large group of people and to related occupations (such as producers and distributors of staple, machinery, milling e.t.c).