Our School

Our School

The building of our School is the former hotel "XENIA-ILIOS", located in a unique area on the beach of  Peraia - Thessaloniki and has a great history to share with both its students and visitors. 

Combining the historical past and present, we strive to provide our students with a comprehensive experience, that lasts for two years and includes in addition to high quality tourism education, multiple experiences concerning hospitality and aesthetics, into the professional premises of a real hotel.

The curriculum lasts two years and it comprises four semesters of teaching theoretical and laboratory courses. Also, includes a paid internship during the summer, which helps students gain real experience, skills and professional knowledge.

Students are expected:

  • To understand all key areas of the tourism industry,
  • To apply their specialty techniques effectively,
  • Be able to make thoughtful decisions according to their position,
  • To deal with different situations in a constantly changing environment,
  • To communicate effectively,
  • to demonstrate social and personal skills,
  • to interact with confidence, enthusiasm and creativity in a professional environment. 


Along with the curriculum, our School offers its students rich parallel activities aimed at enhancing, their professional and tourist awareness.

Some of our activities are:

  • Seminars and workshops by renowned professionals in tourism and academia
  • Participation in events, exhibitions, competitions,
  • Career Day with the aim of providing internships and work placements in hotels and tourism businesses all over Greece
  • Counseling and personal development services
  • Vocational guidance and connection services with the labor market
  • Blood donation, volunteering and environmental actions

Upon completion of studies, students acquire a "Certificate of Successful Training". 

Then, by taking certification tests conducted by the National Qualification Certification Agency and Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP) our graduates acquire STATE DIPLOMA Level 5 in the National and the European Qualifications Framework (N. 4283/2014, Government Gazette 189 / A / 10 9-2014) which is recognized both in Greece and in Europe (within and outside the European Union).


The graduates of our Vocational Training Institute of Tourism at 100% relative find employment shortly after graduation and the vast majority of our graduates hold middle and senior management positions. Also, many of our graduates go into their own business in many sectors of the tourism and food industry.

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