Our values

We are proud to have the honor of continuing the tradition of Tourism Schools and this is a quality distinction for the education we provide. Our main educational concern is the development of a high level of human resources. 

Our educational work is inspired by constant values associated with:

  • Respect for other human beings,
  • the love of learning,
  • the development of team spirit and solidarity,
  • the pursuit of creativity. 

Our vision

To implement the best educational practices and to transform ordinary school life into life with creative breathe. 

Our mission

To continuously create, through quality - standard education and training, new professionals that meet the demands of the modern tourism sector.

Why choose the Makedonia Vocational Training Institute of Tourism?

Throughout the long-term operation of our School, thousands of tourism executives and professionals have emerged.

  • It is a School that offers free public and quality tourism studies!
  • It is the School that its graduates are directly absorbed by the Tourism industry!

Our School offers four specialties in the field of tourism:

  • Hospitality Services
  • Tourism executive, focusing on travel agencies, tour operators, airlines
  • Culinary Technician – Chef
  • Bakery & Pastry Art Technician
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