Vocational Training Institute of Tourism

Attendance at the Institutes of Vocational Training is compulsory, it comprises of 5 semesters, signified by the completion of 4 semesters of theoretical and laboratory courses of 1200 hours for each field of study and 1 semester of curricula work placement, known as internship, of 960 hours. 


The internship program can be accomplished in tourist enterprises (hotels, tourist offices, special tourist infrastructure facilities) and pastry workshops and bakeries. The students are positioned in these enterprises through the process of  nominal placement.

The curriculum leads to the acquisition of a Diploma of Vocational Training. The graduates are entitled and are eligible to take part in the qualifying examinations of the National Accreditations Examinations held by EOOPEP. Once they have passed the exam, they are awarded the Diploma of Vocational Education and Training which is equivalent to a level 5 of the National Qualification Framework.

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